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Supply-chain decarbonization will be a « game changer » for the impact of corporate climate action. Addressing Scope 3 emissions is fundamental for companies to realize credible climate change commitments


- Nigel Topping, UNFCCC’s High-Level Climate Action Champion

Antoine Rouzé

Partner & Railway Practice Lead

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Challenges for the railway industry

Rail transport contributes to the sustainability transition, by offering one of the most environmentally friendly ways of transporting passengers and goods, while maintaining a fast service and a cost-effective approach.


Compliance to existing regulations

  • Stringent regulations on material traceability like REACh & RoHS, WEEE decrlarations and Environmental Product Declarations for public tenders, and Sustainable Product Initiative

  • 50+ Regulations & Initiatives adopted over the past 2 years


It's all about scope 3: upstream & downstream activities

Supply chain is a big contributor of carbon emissions Part of carbon footprint (scope 3) reduction implies product design changes. Waste is valuable and should lead to recycling loops for plastic, batteries, composites, materials & electronics - thanks to new industrial alliances


Materials & components

Steel prices have risen by 50% since the beginning of 2021 while copper prices have risen by nearly 10% in December 2020. For example, current semi-conductors scarcity illustrates the short/mid-term challenge to access materials resources

How can we help you?

Coming from the railway industry, we act for the railway industry.

Building on 25 years of industrial experience in this sector, we understand your ecosystem, provide detailed environmental footprint assessments (certified carbon footprint assessments and LCAs), know your supply chain and can strengthen your role as a public service provider or related actor.


  • Strong competence, and detailed knowledge of European environmental regulations

  • Certified carbon footprint assessment service provider

  • Active member of "Pôle éco-conception" (Eco-Design for Rail Association)

  • 10 years of experience in deploying product management

  • Partner network with technical solutions providers

Strategic solutions

  • Environmental regulations
    risks & opportunities for producers and operators

  • Rethinking products and services to match evolving market needs

  • New & sustainable, circular business models

  • EU fundings to support major overhaul and infrastructure programs

Operational solutions

  • Material compliance and traceability

  • Sustainable Procurement Policies

  • Carbon footprint assessment

  • Eco-design & product life extension

  • Obsolescence management 

Customer stories

  • Exploring the Railway industry's initiative around environmental sustainability and circularity... Read More

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