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70% of emissions come from resource use to produce everyday goods. In companies manufacturing electrical and electronic appliances, more than 90% of the emissions come from "Use of Products / Products in Use". 

Find out how to optimise your material flows, consume less including by redesigning, and reuse more

Helene Isermeyer Trehin

Partner & Environmental Performance Practice Lead

+49 179 435 89 60

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The electronics & electrical sector is key to the environmental and energy transition, enabling other industries like the building or transportation sectors to decarbonise their operations through more efficient products. And yet it faces many challenges itself:


Complying with customer needs & regulations

  • Stringent regulations on traceability, energy efficiency, eco-design, circularity, Extended Producer Responsibility and sustainability reporting

  • Customer pressure to provide PEP Eco-passport and other related Environmental Product Declarations

  • Stringent Packaging Regulations for Manufacturing Sites


Sustainability as an enabler to be more resilient

Tomorrow may come with challenges in terms of access to resources, and product design changes driven by your CO2 (scope 3)


  • Access to resources and increased material prices for copper, nickel and neodymium - up to +65% (2019-2021)

  • Increased prices of energy challenging productions plans 


Attracting & retaining talents to sustain change

  • New market demands  means new capabilities needed & adjustments in the organisation

  • The new generation of employees is looking for companies that outspokenly address social and environmental issues and successfully implemented it in structure & processes, culture & values

How can we help you?

From the Industry, for the industry.


No matter where you are at the moment or where you want to be - whether your aim is to simply comply with environmental regulations or you are looking for a detailed plan to achieve your environmental sustainability targets and reposition your brands as a key contributor to the world decarbonisation - we have something for you.


  • Solid experience within the electrical and electronics sector as advisors and operational support

  • Environmental Metrics & documents

  • Regulations on EEE & Batteries

  • Battery Recycling & Repurposing

  • Industrial Packaging Optimisation

  • Expertise in the Steel Industry

  • Connected with industrial players through partnerships with renowned universities (Aachen, Graz)

Strategic solutions

  • Environmental regulations risks & opportunities

  • Sustainability Roadmap for your Company and/or functions

  • Taxonomy Alignement & CSRD Reporting Strategic alignment

  • Optimised manufacturing & material supply chains

  • Implementation of new partnerships to enable circular solutions & business models

Operational solutions

  • Hazardous substances & material compliance

  • Product Life Cycle Assessment (PEP EcoPassport, Ethical Battery Declaration, other EPDs)

  • Eco-design & product life extension

  • Elimination of Product Packaging

  • Recycling and Repurposing of batteries

Customer stories

  • Implementing circular solutions along the whole value chain to reduce the environmental footprint across sites and product ranges... Read More

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