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They're having an impact

We are proud to be supporting leading industries while they are reducing their environmental footprint and improving their impact in their respective ecosystem(s)

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- 120 tons 

Industrial (plastic) packaging eliminated 

Developing the sustainability journey for Hager Group, we flagged the environmental and financial impact of plastic packaging waste the company produces. The ambitious target of reaching a 100% sustainable packaging by the end of 2024 was then set in their sustainability trajectory.


During the year 2021, we have worked across all functions, as well as along their value chain, in close collaboration with external suppliers, to :

  • Analyse the current uses of plastic packaging

  • Launch and track projects to reduce the use of plastic packaging, and remove it altogether when possible

  • Redesign packaging around key products, to satisfy technical and marketing requirements

Read more about our involvement in Hager 2021/22 Annual Report

+50 environmental regulations 

Analysed for our clients

Everyone knows that it is #climateaction time. However, the myriad of regulations and the ever-changing customer requirements makes it difficult for companies to know where to start. We have assessed the risk and opportunities of over 50 existing and upcoming EU regulations, and market trends on the business operations of our clients. The progressive adaptation of the upcoming regulations have helped our clients in enhancing their contribution to environmental sustainability while being ahead of their competitors and reducing the financial impacts of the regulations.

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-50% CO2e target (Scope 1 & 2) 

Decarbonization of industrial sites

Together with our partner Naldeo Technologies, we build 

the decarbonization roadmaps for 6 of the largest & most carbon-emissive sites in 3 different countries and over 8 months of eolos historical customer.

By assessing economical and technical feasibility studies, and implementing "quick wins" we have an immediate action to decarbonate emissive production sites. 


Read more about our commitment Hager 2021/22 Annual Report

eolos accelerates start-ups growth 

The London-based start-up Recycleye is using advanced machine learning, computer vision, and robotics to bring transparency, traceability and accountability to the waste management industry.

Recycleye raised £3.5M as a seed round in 2021, eolos is accelerating their growth within the European market, supporting on more than 7 pilots and customer launches


300% performance increase thanks to RECYCLEYE AI solution


Understanding Circular Economy opportunities 

Market study environmental sustainability actions

The state-owned Austrian Federal Railways as the largest railroad company for Mobility and logistics service provider in Austria: We supported ÖBB in assessing where they should start their journey to reduce their environmental impact, in accordance with the rail operator's decarbonisation path.

With our experience in the rail sector and our understanding of how to incorporate the principles of the circular economy, we suggested best practices for operational and organizational levers.

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